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Although growth has slowed since 2014, we have seen significant improvements in the welfare of children and their families since Young Lives started in 2002. The government has made large investments in infrastructure and access to basic services has improved (especially education and health). Chronic under-nutrition among children under 5 has fallen from 31% to 18%, and primary school enrolment rates is almost universal. However, poverty remains concentrated among poor, indigenous and rural communities, and the services they access are of lower quality than those in urban areas – which is reflected in inequalities in children’s outcomes as well as the opportunities open to them. To learn more, go to the Young Lives Peru website (in Spanish).

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The Young Lives (Niños del Milenio) team in Peru has focused its efforts on providing evidence to ensure inequality remains a priority agenda for policymakers. Young Lives provides an excellent opportunity to follow the growth and nutrition of two cohorts of children, while also studying household food security and dietary diversity, and we are seeing increasing obesity and overweight among our Older Cohort. Overall, our education data show that the Younger Cohort are achieving better results in school than the Older Cohort at the same age, although indigenous children tend to have poorer learning outcomes even before they start school, highlighting the need to invest in children and schools in disadvantaged communities.

How does teenage marriage and motherhood affect the lives of young women in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam?
Working paper
Consequences of Teenage Childbearing in Peru. Is the Extended School-day Reform an Effective Policy Instrument to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?
Working paper
The role of birth order on children’s time-use and parental educational aspirations: evidence from Peru
Student paper
Self-efficacy, Agency and Empowerment During Adolescence and Young Adulthood in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam
Working paper

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